Hello !

Welcome to SOYO Interactive, an independent studio specialized in digital entertainment, through the creation, production and distribution of apps and games for all the publics. We are open to a world of innovation and new interactions through software.

SOYO Interactive is formed by a team of passionate experts in the creation of digital content and interactions. We love how new ways on interactivity can lead to new ways of learning and understanding the world, and bring emotions. We love all expressions of art, and innovative design when they can touch people in some way. We love to be told, and tell new and old stories just in a different way.

Our applications speak to everybody, children and adults, with the aim and desire to experiment stories and to spend quality entertainment time. There is a tale to be told to any single person, and we aim to do it. Together we try to create experiences that you will love to play with. We focus our development and efforts in creating stories, plots, tales and emotions, transmitting them through images, sounds and interactions: Transmitting values, developing imagination, educating, fostering creativity, waking curiosity and mostly and ultimately sharing emotions and building quality entertainment.

Our Values.

1. Provide people with worth entertainment, products that satisfy a wide variety of needs, from transmitting values to develop imagination. We think that digital devices, used correctly, bring a lot of new opportunities and entertainment schemes.

2. Innovation and originality: We believe that stories can be told in a different and surprising way.

3. We believe in participating approach for our applications, being designed and thought to be enjoyed together, parents with their kids, or brothers and sisters.

4. We think technology is a great tool, that brings lot of value to entertainment, and should be embraced and used for good.

Welcome to digital interactive storytelling.

SOYO Interactive Team.